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Wednesday 17 May 2023

Mulberry is beneficial in summer: will control weight, blood pressure and sugar; A paste of leaves will heal wounds, also beneficial in eczema-psoriasis

Mulberry is beneficial in summer: will control weight, blood pressure and sugar;  A paste of leaves will heal wounds, also beneficial in eczema-psoriasis

Mulberry is a nectar fruit There are many fruits in the summer season,which are considered very beneficial for health.Mulberry is also one of these.In Ayurveda, Mulberry is called 'Nectar Fruit'.Vitamins and proteins are found in abundance in it.Did you know that silkworms also eat the leaves of this tree, from which valuable silk is prepared.Mulberry increases immunity. 

 Along with skin related problems and diseases like cancerIt is also beneficial in removing  Rashmi Chaturvedi,Ayurvedacharya of 'Bapu Nature Cure' says that 'not only the fruit but also the leaves of mulberry are full of medicinal properties.Along with weight loss, it is also effective in problems like diabetes and heart.With the use of mulberry leaves, both sugar level and blood pressure remain under control.

Mulberry protects against heat stroke in summer Mulberry has cooling properties, due to which it promotes heat stroke in summer.

Protects from stroke.It is also a good source of fructose and glucose.In summer, the body needs more water.This fruit contains about 91 percent water.Eating mulberry daily in summer season is beneficial.Rich in vitamins and potassium,controls weight, mulberry is a beneficial fruit if the body is deficient in vitamins and potassium.It cures many diseases.

People suffering from weight gain consume mulberry leaves.Drinking mulberry leaf extract helps in reducing excess weight.  Along with this it also helps in keeping the liver healthy.Mulberry leaves are also used to make tea.Controls sugar levelConsumption of mulberry leaves is considered very beneficial for diabetic patients.Mulberry leaves contain a substance called DNJ, which controls sugar levels along with the alpha glucoside enzyme found in the intestine.Not only this, this element also controls the glucose in the liver.  If taken regularly, it also controls the sugar produced in the body after eating food.  Keeps BP under control and also beneficial for heart Mulberry leaves are considered very beneficial for blood pressure and heart related problems.  It contains substances called phenolics and flavonoids which reduce the risk of heart diseases.Its leaves contain anti-oxidants that control cholesterol.Benefits of mulberry lowers cholesterol and improves digestionEffective in toothache and pyorrhea Immunity Effective in skin diseases Hair loss and graying due to abdominal heat has become common these days.

Mulberry contains antioxidants, which are very important for skin and hair.It protects the skin from dryness and helps the hair retain its natural color.Not only this, it also reduces hair fall.

 અહીંથી માહિતી વાંચો

 Applying mulberry leaves heals wounds quickly.The leaves are also used to relieve shingles, eczema and psoriasis.Kills Cancer Cells Mulberry helps reduce the risk of cancer.  It contains components like polyphenols and flavonoids, which help in killing cancer cells.  Thus it is considered very beneficial for cancer patients as well.

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