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Thursday, 26 May 2022

Buy, Sell & Rent - Flats, Apartments, Houses, PG, No Brokerage Properties, Plots

Buy, Sell & Rent - Flats, Apartments, Houses, PG, No Brokerage Properties, Plots

Find your perfect home on Housing - the only property app you need for all your home purchase or rental needs. If you are looking to buy or rent a ready to move-in apartment, buy a flat in an ongoing project, invest in a property, buy a plot, buy a villa, rent a PG or are

Property search on app has never been easier. A clean design & innovative features make apartment search easy on the Housing app. Whether you are looking for owner or broker properties for rent or sale, all you need to do is fire up this property finder app

✓Buy, Rent or Sell Flats, Houses, Apartments, Villas, Plots, New Projects, PG, No Brokerage Houses

- Explore tons of real estate listings for sale & rent on the property search app. Fulfill requirements in a quicker & faster way.

✓ Find exclusive no broker property options & without any brokerage homes listed by the owners. This is the best no broker property app to find 1000's of zero brokerage owner listed flats & houses for rent, sale

✓Explore properties near landmarks like bus stops, schools, malls, restaurants

✓Refine search results by budget, amenities, age of property, furnished properties

✓New properties in top localities gets added every day. You cannot get a quicker App to fulfill requirements faster

 specifically looking for no brokerage property options, this apartment finder app will help you in property search.

Property search on app has never been easier. A clean design & innovative features make apartment search easy on the Housing app. Whether you are looking for owner or broker properties for rent or sale, all you need to do is fire up this property finder app.

✓𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐬: Save your favorite homes

✓𝐕𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐝 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨𝐬: Scroll through vivid interior photos of homes

✓𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐀𝐩𝐩: Listing property & searching for your dream home is absolutely free!

✓𝐏𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐀𝐩𝐩: Best Paying Guest App to search PG for Boys, PG for Girls, Co-Living Homes & Rooms in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Noida. Filter PG options from over 30K+ options, as per your preference of food, sharing & house rules

✓𝐇𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐄𝐝𝐠𝐞: A full-stack home related services platform to simplify the renting process. List of services include,

Housing Assist - Rent/Sell Property Online Faster 

- Rent/Sell property faster. Manage your listings and leads with just a click. List property on the go and increase your property’s visibility to rent/sell house quickly.

- Receive verified and genuine leads every time. Renting/Selling a home has become easier than ever before.

- Homeowners, real estate agents and builders – Housing Assist is one platform for all! 

Here’s what you should do:

- Download the Housing Assist App, sign up if you need to rent/sell home fast and you are set!

- List flat or list property and leave the rest to us. Housing Team will notify you when your listing goes live and we will help to rent/sell your house!

How to list property to ensure quick house rent/sale?

- List house, list flat or list property in 3 easy steps on Housing Assist App.

Buy, Rent or Sell Flats, Houses, Apartments, Villas, Plots, New Projects, PG, No Brokerage Houses

- Explore tons of real estate listings for sale & rent on the property search app. Fulfill requirements in a quicker & faster way.

 Find exclusive no broker property options & without any brokerage homes listed by the owners. This is the best no broker property app to find 1000's of zero brokerage owner listed flats & houses for rent, sale

- Rent/Sell property faster. Manage your listings and leads with just a click. List property on the go and increase your property’s visibility to rent/sell house quickly.

- Receive verified and genuine leads every time. Renting/Selling a home has become easier than ever before.

- Homeowners, real estate agents and builders – Housing Assist is one platform for all! 

Here’s what you should do:

- Download the Housing Assist App, sign up if you need to rent/sell home fast and you are set!

- List flat or list property and leave the rest to us. Housing Team will notify you when your listing goes live and we will help to rent/sell your house!

How to list property to ensure quick house rent/sale?

- List house, list flat or list property in 3 easy steps on Housing Assist App.

- Add all the properties you wish to rent/sell, edit and add accurate details to ensure quality of listing. Error-free and correct details boost your rank in the search page and ensure genuine enquiries.

- Housing Assist makes your life easier. Our expert filter options help you navigate through all your listed properties and helps you find the right leads.

- You can control your property’s advertisement in real time. If the listed property is rented or sold out, you can delete your property listing.

- You can retrieve these deleted listings anytime in future, reactivate and re-post within one minute. Rent/Sell house online with ease!

Manage leads with ease 

-   Housing Assist helps you go through the requirements of a prospective lead and shortlist relevant properties before a scheduled meeting with the client.

-  Housing Assist helps you focus on priority leads and helps you rent/sell house quickly and close deals faster.

-  Receive instant alerts on leads for your listed property.

-  Contact leads with just a single click on your screen

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 1 . 60 second Recap 

60 second are  Recap is an a educational videotape are design launched in a September 2009 to  be  give 60-alternate videotape summaries and analysis of the  classic literature. The points are the  provides one- nanosecond videotape is a   narrative on the plot, themes, characters, symbols, motifs, and other aspects of the  books are generally studied in the secondary seminaries in a North America. 

 A time to after its launch, 60 second of Recap's the  website offered over all 400 vids covering 35 classic erudite  workshop and 60 contemporary are titles. It has been also entered the further than 4.5 million website are  visits. (1) During it is  alternate of time, 60 second Recap is continued to add to its content the  library, with new 60 second Recap the  videotape" compendiums"of 10-15 individual vids covering the colorful aspects of a work  the similar as the  Beowulf or Hamlet. The website are the   presently presents to the roughly 800 vids. compassing 42 classic in erudite to  workshop, and over all  the 250 reviews of the contemporary in books of the  implicit interest to the teenagers..

 Classroom acceptance 

60 second are  Recap won acceptance in the  seminaries, still, (1) and preceptors said they are  plant it effective in the sparking of classroom in conversations. (8) 60 second are  Recap was also cited by the  special education of  the  preceptors as a pedagogical tool for the scholars who have to a literacy disabilities that intrude with in their on capability to the comprehend in  written material.  

2 . Academic Earth

Academic in Earth is a website are launched on the  March 24, 2009, by Richard  Lud low and co-founders of Chris Bruner and Liam  Pisano,  which offers can  free online videotape courses and the academic lectures from the world's top most  universities are  similar as U C Berkeley, UCLA, University of the Michigan, University of Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.  It is  considered a hunt of the   machine for a full- textbook in  scholarly information, with a videotape courses are  covering to around the 50 primary subject are  disciplines in ranging from the Trades and Design, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Entrepreneurship, History, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Statistics.

 3.  Coursera

Coursera  Inc is a U.S.- grounded in  the  massive open a online course provider are innovated in the 2012  by Stanford in  University the  computer wisdom professors Andrew N g and Daphne Koller. (8) Coursera  in works with universities and other associations to the offer online courses, instruments, and the degrees in a variety of the subjects. In 2021 it was estimated that about 150 universities are offered further than courses through Coursera. 

ડીટેઈલ ન્યુઝ રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતીમા અહિથી વાંચો


Coursera's earnings to rose from$ 184 million in 2019 to$ 294 million in the  2020. To date, Coursera has not too be  made a profit. The company are lost$ 66 million in 2020 as they are ramped up to  marketing and advertising. 

 For the first quarter in 2021, Coursera are the   reported in  profit of $ 88.4 million, up 64 from a time  before, with a net of  loss of $ 18.7 million, or $ 13.4 million on anon-G A A P base.  Coursera are said to be the  consumer profit was $ 51.9 million, up 61, while a enterprise in the  profit was $ 24.5 million, up too  63, and the degree of programs had a profit of $ 12 million, up too 81. 

 For the third quarter in 2021, Coursera are reported to profit of $ 109.9 million, over all  33 from $ 82.7 million of a time ago. Gross the  profit was $ 67.7 million or 61.6 of profit. Net loss was $ (32.5) million or (29.5) of profit. 


The incipiency raised an original$ 16 million backing round backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates. In 2013, G S V led to  the Series B investment, which is totaled $ 63 million. In 2015, N E A led to  the Series C round of the adventure in backing, which are totaled further than$ 60 million. In 2017, the company are raised $ 64 million from its has  being to investors in the  Series D round of the backing. In 2019, the company are raised $ 103 million in the  Series E round of backing from the SEEK of Group, Future Fund and N E A. The company are  reached valuation of the $ 1 billion in the  2019. In July 2020, the company are  blazoned it had been raised $ 130 million in the  Series F backing and the  streamlining its valuation to $ 2.5 billion. 

 Business model 

 In September 2013, it was  blazoned it had earned$ 1 million in a  profit through the trade of the  vindicated of instruments that authenticate  are successful course completion. (21) Coursera first rolled are out a series of the  figure- grounded course options, which is  included vindicated credentials for a completion, in 2013. (22) As of October 2015, the company had been  raised to a aggregate of$146.1 million in  the adventure capital. 

   4. Crash Course 

Crash Course are  ( occasionally stylized as Crash Course) is an a educational YouTube channel are  started by John and Hank Green ( inclusively the Green sisters), who  is the first achieved personality on the YouTube platform through their  in Vlog  brothers channel. 

હેડ ક્લાર્ક રીઝલ્ટ અહીંથી જુઓ

 Crash Course was a  one of the hundred original channels are funded by YouTube's$ 100 million original channel are  action. The channel are launched a exercise on December 2, 2011, and as of January 2021, it has been accumulated over all  12 million subscribers and 1.5 billion videotape views. (4) The channel is  launched with John and Hank presenting their separate World History and Biology in series; the early history of the channel  is continued the trend of  the John and Hank presenting humanities and wisdom courses, independently. (5) In November 2014, Hank blazoned a cooperation with a PBS Digital Studios, which would you allow the channel to produce  the further courses. As a result, are  multiple fresh hosts joined to the show to increase the number of the  concurrent series. 

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Health Tips: Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss and depression.

Health Tips: Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss and depression.

Suddenly your body becomes sluggish, you feel tired even though you are not doing any heavy work.  The skin turns yellow.  The hair also becomes dull.  Earlier a few hairs were broken but now there is a pile of hair.  If you have any such problem then your body is deficient in iron.

Risk of anemia for pregnant women

 Iron deficiency in pregnant women can also lead to premature birth.  The baby also weighs less than a normal newborn.  At the time of delivery 740 mg of iron is excreted from the body, so the condition worsens.  On the other hand, feeding the baby also causes iron deficiency in the mother.

Frequent blood donations can also lead to iron deficiency

 People who donate blood frequently and do not follow a proper diet may be deficient in iron.  One and a half milligrams of iron is excreted from the body by donating blood once.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

 Do not consume tea, coffee, herbal tea and black tea before meals to

 Tea, coffee, herbal tea and black tea contain polyphenols that prevent the body from dissolving iron.  When we drink tea and coffee before eating something rich in iron, iron does not dissolve in the blood.  Then the body does not get enough iron.  Tea and coffee can be taken one hour after the meal.

 Cigarette smoking causes many problems

 Smoking significantly reduces the amount of iron in the body.  When cigarette smoke enters our body, it prevents iron from dissolving in the blood.

If you have high levels of iron, your liver and heart will be damaged

 Having too much iron in the body is also harmful.  When we take extra iron in food it is stored in the body.  Gradually this iron begins to accumulate in the liver and heart tissues.  Which can even lead to your death.

 If a child does not learn according to age, he may have iron deficiency

 Many parents complain that their child does not learn to read and write according to age.  Unable to utter words, the child's confidence stays down.  If this is the case then maybe your child has an iron deficiency.  The situation can improve if you pay attention to the diet.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

 3 Sleep during the day, wake up at night

 Many people sleep during the day when they cannot sleep at night.  Such people should undergo iron test.  There may be circadian rhythm disorder.

 If you have stomach ailments, you will have anemia

 If you have stomach ailments, food is not digested properly, there is acidity in the body.

 Consumption of black veins eliminates iron deficiency

 In earlier times people used to consume black veins.  It is still available in the market.  Sugarcane juice is extracted while boiling.  It contains not only iron and folic acid but also large amounts of vitamin B.  Drinking shiro strengthens the bones.  Dry hair also gets nourishment.  Five teaspoons of veins contain 95 percent iron for the whole day.

 Did you know

 About 70% of the body's iron is in the hemoglobin and myoglobin of red blood cells

 The life of a red blood cell is 120 days

 2 mg of iron is eliminated from the body automatically every day,

 6% of iron is found in various enzymes in the body

 1000 mg of iron is stored in an adult male which is sufficient for three years

 A woman stores only 300 milligrams of iron, which is enough for three months

A woman stores only 300 milligrams of iron, which is enough for three months

 200-250 mg of iron is lost once blood is donated

 Only 20 percent of the brain uses oxygen, so iron is needed to function properly

 The body needs 18-21 grams of iron daily.

 How much iron should be in the body

 Children (1-11 years) 13-15 mg Teenagers (12-19 years) 17 mg Male 19-21 mg Women 17-19 mg Pregnant women 15 mg

 Keep this in mind

 Never take iron supplements without doctor's advice.  Which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, heart related diseases.

 Adult iron supplements should never be fed to children.  Otherwise the child may die.

 Never take iron supplements on an empty stomach.  Always take with food.  It is also important that supplements should not be taken for more than a year.

 Do not take multiple supplements at once.  For example, don't forget to take iron with calcium.

 Iron supplements can also be taken with vitamin C.  Doctor is advised to take iron supplements along with orange juice.

 This item is rich in iron

 Spinach: 100 g cooked spinach contains 3.6 mg of iron, which is 20% of daily intake.  Spinach is also rich in vitamin C.

 Broccoli: One cup of broccoli contains 1 mg of iron.  Which is rich in Vitamin C.

 Red Meat: 100 grams of red meat contains 2.7 iron, which is 15% of the daily requirement of iron.

 Fish: Fish is also rich in iron.  Salmon are also rich in calcium.

 Beans: Kidney beans, soy beans, black beans are rich in iron.

 Milk: Milk seeds are rich in iron.  28 grams of milk seeds are rich in 4.2 mg of iron.

 Almonds: Iron-rich, high in calcium does not help.

 Dark Chocolate: 28 grams of chocolate is rich in 3.3 mg of iron.

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Work News: You don't eat a lot of mangoes in summer, do you? Learn how to eat and buy

Work News: You don't eat a lot of mangoes in summer, do you?  Learn how to eat and buy

Work News: You don't eat a lot of mangoes in summer, do you?Learn How to Eat and Buy Many people are eagerly awaiting the summer mango.There are more than 1500 varieties of mangoes in the world, out of which 1000 are in India.All mangoes taste different.Mango is called the king of fruits because of its taste and quality.

Work News: You don't eat a lot of mangoes in summer, do you?Learn How to Eat and Buy Many people are eagerly awaiting the summer mango.There are more than 1500 varieties of mangoes in the world, out of which 1000 are in India.All mangoes taste different.Mango is called the king of fruits because of its taste and quality.Many people have questions in their mind about eating mango like ...

Does eating mango increase obesity?Can diabetics eat mangoes? Should I eat mangoes at night or not?Does eating more mangoes hurt? In the work news, let us know from the dietitian Anju Vishwakarma about the special thing connected with mango from which you can take full advantage of mango.

Just keep this in mind before eating mangoes in summer

 1. Keep mangoes in water for a while before eating.Soak in water for 2 to 3 hours before eating.Mangoes contain a natural molecule called phytic acid.If you eat too much mango, your health may suffer.Carry in water absorbs extra phytic acid. 
 2. Don't drink water immediately after eating mango Drinking water immediately after eating mango can cause stomach problems.This can lead to abdominal pain, acidity and bloating.Drink water half an hour after eating mango.  
3. Eating Mango with This Item Can Impair Health Many people prefer to eat yogurt and mango together.Many people have eaten lentils - rice, vegetables, yogurt and mangoes, but did you know that eating mangoes and yogurt together causes cold and heat in the body at the same time.This can lead to skin infections and toxins in the body.

4. Wrinkles or blackness are often found on mangoes.Don't buy this mango by mistake as it is tasteless.

5. Round mangoes are usually sweet.Thin and pressed mangoes are not edible.

6. Some mangoes are known for their sweetness, such as Ataulfo ​​mangoes, when fully ripe, become soft and wrinkled. 
7. When it comes to Hayden mango, the bark turns yellow if it is ripe. 

 8. Francis mango appears pale yellow if ripe.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

arthritis responsible for joint pain

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is pain or swelling of the joints. There are many types of arthritis. There are three main types..

The most common problem today is with knee pain. Everywhere people are seen these days talking about the pain of the bell. According to a survey, 60% of people in India complain of knee pain after the age of 44. Difficulty in sitting and standing, difficulty in straightening the legs and knees in sleep are very common in this pain....

1. Age-related wear and tear: 

  • With age, wear and tear causes joint pain. This problem is more common in the knee, hip and waist joints.
  • Arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease that affects different joints.
  • Arthritis: An increase in the amount of certain elements in the body which causes pain and swelling in the joints.

            As a result of wear and tear, the marrow that surrounds the bone begins to fill with water, forming small cracks and osteophytes on the surface of the bone. This causes difficulty in movement of the joints. Often a small portion of the marrow gets inside the joint and causes more pain. As the wear and tear of the marrow increases, the joints become smaller and the wear and tear reaches the bone-bone surface, the surface does not turn and the foot does not turn.

Symptoms of the disease

Swelling on the knees, pain, inability to bend the legs, decreased mobility, noise in the joints during movement, shortening of one leg.


With timely diagnosis and treatment, joint wear stops progressing and pain / swelling is reduced.

(1) Conservative treatment Medications, exercise, proper diet

(2) Operation

  • If the pain persists even after medication / exercise
  • If the pain is unbearable
  • Can't sleep at night
  • Having trouble walking from a daily activity such as standing up
  • Total replacement

This is an operation in which a part of the damaged joint is removed and replaced with a metal-plastic joint. These prosthetic joints can move like natural joints.

  • Knee joints have three parts
  • The lower part of the hip bone
  • The upper part of the tube bone

This operation involves removing the damaged surfaces of both bones and, if necessary, removing the back surface of the lid, after which artificial joints are inserted.

Benefits from the operation

  • The pain goes away
  • The movement of the joints can be challenged by movement
  • A curved or shortened leg is straightened
  • All the activities that could not be done before can be done

Exercise can be started from the second day after the operation and weight can be put on the feet and walking can be done, daily activities can take place.

Osteoarthritis (knee pain)

Knee pain is a type of wear that usually occurs in the cushion under the bone with age. With age, the two bones begin to get closer to each other. This causes swelling and stiffness between them. Due to which problems arise in daily life.

This type of knee disease usually starts after 6 years in women and 20 years in men. And with age, this wear and tear increases.

Causes of knee wear, tear, pain

The first reason is age. As a person gets older, the muscles around his knee joints get weaker with age. Which causes the onset of pain. The truth is that the older a person gets, the less likely he or she is to lose weight. Weakness in the knee If we understand the depth, there are mainly three bones in the knee.

 This involves the femur, tibia, and patella. The space between the two bones, the tibia and the femur, is reduced. Which is called knee wear. That is why it is said that almost all people experience a decrease in that space with age. This means that the space between the two bones (in the knee) is reduced and the wear and tear is quite normal (normal) and natural (natural process). But in today's society, there is a false sense of fear among the people that you feel worn out. Knee / knee wear and noise? Looks like two bones are colliding with each other? While many things from above are quite a natural process..



There is no need to be afraid of it. As the eyesight deteriorates in the body, hearing in the ears decreases, wrinkles appear in the skin, and muscles become weaker, the space between the two bones of the knee decreases. Which everyone sees happening. If there is a shortage of space and you experience pain with it, care should be taken to slow down the process.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Now download Digilocker documents like PAN, driving license via MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp

Citizens can now access digilocker_ind services on the mygovindia Helpdesk on WhatsApp. 

Now download Digilocker documents like PAN, driving license via MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp

DigiLocker is a digital platform for issuing and verifying papers and certificates, thus removing the need for physical documents. WhatsApp users can use the chatbot by simply sending ‘Namaste or Hi or Digilocker’ to WhatsApp number +91 9013151515.

WhatsApp users can use chatbot by simply sending ‘Namaste or Hi or Digilocker’ to WhatsApp number +91 9013151515

According to a Press Information Bureau (PIB) tweet, “Citizens can now access Digilocker papers such as their PAN card, driver's licence, and vehicle registration certificate. Citizens can now access @digilocker_ind services on the @mygovindia Helpdesk on @WhatsApp”

WhatsApp users can use the chatbot by simply sending ‘Namaste or Hi or Digilocker’ to WhatsApp number +91 9013151515.

This involves setting up and verifying their Digilocker account, as well as downloading papers such as their PAN card, driver's licence, and vehicle registration certificate over WhatsApp.

DigiLocker is a digital platform for issuing and verifying papers and certificates, removing the need for physical documents.

It intends to give citizens 'Digital Empowerment' by giving them access to authentic digital documents in their digital document wallet.

The new service will allow residents to easily and conveniently access the following things, according to a PIB press release: 

PAN card
Driving License

CBSE Class X Passing Certificate
Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
Insurance Policy - Two Wheeler
Class X Marksheet
Class XII Marksheet

Insurance Policy Document ( Life and Non life available on digilocker)

વિગતવાર VTV ન્યૂઝ રીપોર્ટ વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

WhatsApp users 

Individuals can use the chatbot by sending the message 'Namaste or Hi or Digilocker' to the WhatsApp number +91 9013151515.

The WhatsApp chatbot interface will allow users to download documents saved on a DIgilocker. According to the PIB release, “Digilocker will be an important citizen service offered by MyGov on WhatsApp to help promote digital inclusion and efficient governance”

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TrueCaller: Caller ID, SMS, Spam Blocker and Payments

Truecaller is the world's best caller ID and spam blocking app - 50 million downloads worldwide

Quickly manage all your calls and messages by filtering out telemarketers and other unwanted distractions. With a community-based spam list updated by millions of users around the world, TrueColor is the only application you need to make your communications secure and efficient.

ડીટેઈલ ન્યુઝરિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતીમા વાંચવા અહિ કલીક કરો

Powerful dialer and caller ID:

- The world's best caller ID will recognize anyone who calls you

- See they call just before they call

- Use Voice Is Calling Gender to talk to your friends for free on Truecolor

- Call Recording - Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (not supported on Android Pie and above)

- Back up call history, contacts, messages and settings on Google Drive

World Class Blocking and Spam Investigation:

- Block calls and SMS - Identify and auto-block telemarketers, harassers, scammers, fraud, sales and more

- Real time community based spam reporting

- Advanced blocking options for blocked countries, same-digit sequences and more!

Smart messaging:

- Automatically identify every unknown SMS

- Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS

- Organize your SMS into personal, important, other and spam

- One-tap payment on transactional SMS

- Chat for free with your friends and family in group chat

- Use flash messaging for instant messaging

- Track bills and practical updates in important tabs

Truecolor Loans - A 100% digital, personal loan in Truecolor app to help you plan your life's current and future.

  • - Safe, fast and easy. Get quick approvals with minimal documentation.
  • - Pay for life's small expenses and crises or get help growing your small business.
  • Loan amount: 5,000 to, 5,00,000
  • Payment term: 3 months to 5 years
  • Annual interest rate: from 16% - 39% *
  • Processing fee: 2% to 8% *

For example, a personal loan of 50,000%, 18% at an annual interest rate (APR) and a 24-month repayment term, will be charged at 11,679 interest and fees. *

The loans are managed by our partner lenders, NBFCs and banks.

his number is indicative. The final interest rate or processing fee may vary depending on the credit assessment of the final borrowers.

For more, visit:

True Caller Par હોસ્પીટલ નંબર કેમ સર્ચ કરવા તેનો વિડીયો અહિંથી જુઓ

Truecolor Pay - UPI payments

  • - Safe, secure and instant money transfer 24/7
  • - Fast mobile recharge and bill payment
  • - Manage all your bank accounts with Bhim-UPI
  • - Bank grade security. PSP Partner Banks - ICICI Bank Bank and Bank of Baroda

TrueColor Premium - Upgrade and get access to:

  • - Find out who has viewed your profile
  • - Advanced blocking and filtering options
  • - Option to view private profiles
  • - Get a premium badge on your profile
  • - 30 contact requests a month
  • - Record phone calls (Android Pie and above not supported)

Truecaller Gold - Stand out from the crowd:

  • - Gold Clerk ID
  • - High priority support
  • - All premium features
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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration Portal Mobile App

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration : Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani launched the e-Nirman portal and its Mobile Application for unorganised sector/ construction workers with an aim of maximum registration and coverage even at rural level to provide benefits of welfare schemes like U-WIN, MA Card, Shramik Annapurna, etc from Gandhinagar in the presence of Labour and Employment Minister Mr. Dilipkumar Thakor. He said that the development of the nation-state has been made possible only with the contribution of 82% of the workers from unorganized sector/construction workers.

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration Portal Mobile App

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration : Currently eNirman Mobile App will allow beneficiaries to apply for 2 schemes, Construction Worker ICard Registration. Electric 2 Wheeler Subsidy Scheme for Construction Worker, Factory Worker & ITI Student. The CM said that Gujarat is the first state to take initiative for online registration of workers from such unorganised sector / construction workers. He also congratulated as this process was also carried out by in-house GIPL.

  • Yojana Name / Scheme : e-Nirman Gujarat
  • Scheme Launched By : Gujarat Government
  • Beneficiaries : unorganised sector/ construction workers
  • Post Category : Yojana
  • Registration : Online / Mobile App
  • Official Website :
  • Gujarat e Nirman Eligibility Candidates Age Limit
  • 18 To 60 Years.
  • 90 days working as construction worker in last 12 months

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration Portal Mobile App

Gujarat e Nirman Benefits of registration

  • Benefits of all welfare schemes implemented by the Board are available to registered construction workers.
  • Assistance of Rs. 27,500 / – for each delivery within the first two delivery limits to registered women construction workers.
  • Free health check up and treatment by Dhanvantari Rath.
  • Assistance up to Rs. 3 lakhs in case of occupational disease and injury.
  • Nutritious meal at Rs. 10 under Shramik Annapurna Yojana.
  • Assistance of Rs.500 to Rs.40,000 / – for each of the two children under the education assistance scheme.
  • Assistance of Rs. 1,60,000 / – under Shri Nanaji Deshmukh Awas Yojana and Rs. 1,00,000 / – under Housing Subsidy Scheme.
  • Assistance of Rs. 3 lakhs under accidental death assistance and Rs. 7,000 / – under funeral scheme.
  • 10,000 / – (FD) bond in the name of daughter under Mukhyamantri Bhagyalakshmi Bond Scheme.
  • Hostel facilities for migrant construction workers’ children in the worker’s hometow

Gujarat e Nirman Card Registration Portal Mobile App

How To Register Gujarat e Nirman Card

Register Through Official Application Or Official Website

How To Download Gujarat e Nirman Card App

All the interested construction workers under the Gujarat Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board who wants to get benefits of state govt. schemes can download eNirman App. The direct link to download eNirman App from google play store is hereby mentioned by jobsGujarat.

eNirman App | Register Here

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HNGU Recruitment 2022 | Apply For Various Posts

HNGU Recruitment 2022 | Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (HNGU) has published a notification for the recruitment of various post. Those candidates who are interested in the recruitment of various details. You can find other details like post name, age limit, educational qualification, experience, selection process, syllabus, application fee and how to apply are given below. Keep checking OjasAlert regularly to get the latest updates.  

HNGU Recruitment 2022 | The online application process for Various Recruitment will start from 22, May 2022 onwards. Check the for more details regarding HNGU Bharti 2022 that have been provided below in the tabular form.

Organization Name : HNGU

  • Name of Posts : Various Posts 
  • Category : Govt Jobs
  • Job Location : Gujarat / India
  • Website :

Name of Posts :

  • Teaching / Non Teaching Posts

Total No. of Posts : 

Educational Qualification : 

  • Please read Official Notification for educational qualification details.

Selection Process :

  • Candidates will be selected based on an interview.

How to Apply Online ?:

  • Visit the official website i.e. Click on Apply Online Option.
  • Search for the Various Posts and then click on the New User option
  • Fill in the details properly which are asked along with photo and signature
  • Submit the form and pay the Application Fee if required.
  • Take a printout of the application for future use.

Important Links :

Job Notification : Click Here

Application Form : Click Here

Last Date : 04-06-2022

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New NCERT Textbooks 📚, MCQ ✅, Video ▶️ and more for STD 1 to 12 as GSEB Course

New NCERT Textbooks 📚, MCQ ✅, Video ▶️ and more for STD 1 to 12 as GSEB Course

'School Mitr' helps you to practice and manage your day to day learning. This app is developed as per Gujarat Government Primary Schools Curriculum, however, this app is not affiliated with GSEB in any way.


– GSEB / GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications)

– New 2020 NCERT (GCERT) Books

– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) & Rules

– Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12

– MCQ For STD 5 to 12

– Exercise Solution

– MCQ Provided as per Curriculum

– Old Question Paper

– Essay Section

– Bal Vibhag (Child Section)

– Balshrushti Section

– Material Design

– Easy To Navigate

– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati

– Videos For Audio Visual Learning

– Download Text Books Offline

– Std 10 all subject book in Gujarati

– Std 12 all subject book in Gujarati

– Std 10 MCQs in Gujarati

– Std 12 MCQs in Gujarati

Textbooks available for all major subjects like below.

– Science 

– Maths

– Biology + Practical

– Physics + Practical

– Chemistry + Practical

– Following books are also provided

Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science as well as other such as Sangeet, Yoga, Computer, Tabla, Jiv vigyan (Biology), Bhautik Shastra (Physics), Rasayan Shastra (Chemistry), Rajyashastra etc...

અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો શાળા મિત્ર એપ

Material for 11th and 12th Arts, Commerce and Science are also provided.

This Gujarati medium study app helps you to achieve success.

*This app currenlty only available for Gujarati medium students

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Samagra Shiksha (SSA) Gujarat Recruitment 2022 for Special Educator Posts

Samagra Shiksha (SSA) Gujarat Recruitment 2022 for Special Educator Posts

Total Posts: 1500

Posts Name: Special Educator

Educational Qualification & Other Details: Please Read Official Advertisement.

How to Apply: Interested and Eligible Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website.

Have fun as you learn to read English & more with the magic of your voice

Read Along (formerly Bolo) is a free and funspeech based reading tutor app designed for children aged 5 and above.

It helps them improve their reading skills in English and many other languages (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Spanish & Portuguese) by encouraging them to read aloud interesting stories and collect stars and badges together with "Diya", the friendly in app assistant.

Diya listens to children when they read and offers realtime positive feedback when they read well and helps them out when they get stuck - even when offline & without data!

• Works Offline : Once downloaded, it works offline, so it does not use any data.
• Safe : Since the app is made for children, there are no ads, and all sensitive information stays only on the device. 

• Free: The app is completly free to use and has a vast library of books with different reading levels from Pratham Books, Katha Kids & Chhota Bheem, with new books added regularly. 
• Games: Educational games within the app, make the learning experience fun.

• In-App Reading Assistant: Diya, the in-app reading assistant helps children read out loud and provides positive reinforcement when they read correctly, and help wherever they get stuck.

• Multi Child Profile: Multiple children can use the same app and create their individual profiles to track their own progress.
• Personalised: The app recommends the right level of difficulty books to each child depending on their reading level.

Important Dates:
• Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 26-05-2022
• Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 08-06-2022

Full Notification :- Coming Soon 

AdvertisementClick Here

Apply Online & More Details: Click Here

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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Top Ten Setting

Pragya Sahity For Class 1-2 

Friends, we are not just in the role of teacher.  Along with the teacher, there is also the duty of guardian.  In the same way, parents have to be ready for the role of teacher when the children have been at home for a year and a half in this difficult time of the epidemic.  No degree is required in this.  Learning may be less but there is calculation, there is experience, there are memories and there is affection and even more than all this, a special child needs the time and support of his parents.  Because the child has missed a lot in this epidemic situation.  In addition to education, teachers' affection, games and fun with friends at school and on the street, school co-curricular activities and much more .

There is a Gujarati proverb, 'The fire of the house went to the forest and the fire spread to the forest too'.  Stress at home due to financial reasons, grief when someone in the family or relative is infected or dies and the pain of not being able to live with anyone in this situation  Disagreements between parents, scenes of cheetahs and corpses seen on TV, scary stories at home and people responding to allegations in a heated debate on TV, some fake news and scary videos on social media, corona defending and forcing children to drink  Experiments make children mentally uncomfortable.  His daily routine has been disrupted.

There are two classes in society.  It is unsafe for one to go out but it is more difficult to stay at home without roti so it is a compulsion to stay out of the house and after a whole day of labor and wandering, take a little or come home empty handed and go to bed tired.  This frustration results in domestic violence.

અહીંથી જુઓ મોબાઈલ ના ટોપ ટેન સેટિંગ

In the affluent class on the other hand it is not a question of what to eat, how to spend time but the question of which of the many options to choose.  Order a pizza or a burger online?  Make Idli or Puranpoli?  Watch a webseries or a movie?  Hours spent on laptop / computer in the name of chatting or social media or work from home.

Saptarangi Pravruti Regester 

In the midst of all this, the child is alone.  She needs parental support, affection and time during this time.  It is very important for the parents to make available what they are losing by not going to school by playing the role of a teacher.

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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Silent Eye - Catch your Friends, Read Daily Quotes, Send Message to unsaved numbers

Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Try Now!

Silent Eye - Catch your Friends, Read Daily Quotes, Send Message to unsaved numbers

Use Silent Eye and catch all the mobile intruders with ease. Silent Eye app will ease your task of catching your friends and family while they try to access your mobile. Silent Eye will take a photo while someone tries to access your mobile with wrong PIN, Pattern or Password. You can catch the intruders red-handed using this app. It provides a lot more cool features.

Silent Eye app capture photo from front camera on every wrong attempts of your pin and password.
When you unlock your device with correct password, Silent Eye will show the picture of friend
and family who tries to unlock your phone.

Features :
1. The app automatically takes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN, Pattern or Password.
2. Notification about wrong attempts while you unlock the phone lock screen.
3. Last Unlock Time feature will show you the previous lock screen unlock time. With that, you can easily find if someone used your mobile without your knowledge.

Other Features :

Open Whatsapp without saving contact -
If you want to send message without saving numbers to your contact for whatsapp chats and messages, here is an app for you.

Sometimes you want a contact to open in whatsapp and send message without saving into contact. This app let you send message to whatsapp number without saving the number.

Daily Quotes -
Start your day with an inspirational and motivation from thousands collection of amazing and unique quotes. You can set alarm from settings, download and share any quote with your family and friends.

You can't achieve anything in life without a motivational dose. This App is a FREE motivation app that gives you a new Motivational Quotes on a daily basis.
This awesome App contains thousands of hand-selected all types of Quotes from famous people that help you with your day success.
This app contains 50000+ Motivational, Inspirational and Success Quotes that starts your day with motivation.



Note: “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.” This app uses the "Monitor screen-unlock attempts" device admin permission to detect the wrong attempts in your mobile lock screen. Without permission, the app may not work properly.

Note: To Uninstall the app, please turn off intruder detection feature in the app and uninstall the app. Else, you can directly use the Uninstall option available inside the app menu.

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Welcome professionals! Find jobs on one of the largest social networking apps and online jobs market with LinkedIn, the most trusted network and business community. Build connections with industry leaders in your community, connect with a recruiter, discover a new career and find the workplace for you - whether in a welcoming office setting or from the comfort of your house when you work from home.

GPSSB Bharti 2022 Search for all Government Vacancies in India and check all the latest information of GPSSB immediately, know about upcoming Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Recruitment. GPSSB Recruitment You can apply for Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board Government Vacancy Jobs notification as soon as possible. Read the full notification before applying online for the latest vacancy job. Latest Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board

GPSSB Job-Related Details Like Education Qualification, Age Limit, Application Fees, Important Date, And Other Details Is Added In This Post. Must Check Official Notification Before Applying For GPSSBRecruitment 2022.

GPSSBRecruitment 2022.

Part-time jobs, freelance, full-time, and everything in between – you can search for jobs easily with LinkedIn. LinkedIn's community of millions of business professionals can help you find the right connections and right career.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking apps. Grow your network of business contacts, get the latest industry news, stay up to date with companies, and follow industry thought leaders. LinkedIn can help you start the conversations you need to find a job or grow your passion into a full-time career.

GPSSB Recruitment 2022

Total Posts :1571
Start Date :30-3-2022
Last Date :15-4-2022
Application Mode :Online
Job Location :Gujarat
Board :Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board
Job Type :Government

Eligibility Criteria For GPSSB Jobs 2022

Total Posts : 1571

Vacancy Details :

  • Advt No .14 /202122 Mukhya Sevika
  • Advt No .15 /202122 Gram Sevak

Important Date :

  • Start Date For Apply : 30-3-2022
  • Last Date For Apply : 15-4-2022

Age Limit :

  • 18 to 37 years
  • Check notification for age limit and relaxation

Salary (Pay Scale) :

  • Rs. 19,950/-

Educational Qualification :

  • Check the advertisement for more details.

Selection Process For GPSSBJob :

  • GPSSB selection will be based on Written Test

GPSSB 2022 Fees :

  • Check the GPSSB advertisement for more details.

Official Notification (Mukhy sevika) :Download

Official Notification (Gram sevak) : Download

Selection Process For GPSSB Mukhya Sevika Job :

Final Selection will be based on written examination.

GPSSB Gram Sevak Rejected Application List 2022

GPSSB Mukhya Sevika Rejected Application List 2022

મુખ્ય સેવક અને સેવિકા ફોર્મ ભરવા માટે


GPSSB Mukhya Sevika 2022 Apply Method :

Important link

Important Links

GPSSB Gram Sevak Call Letter 2022:- Click Here

GPSSB Mukhya Sevika Call Letter 2022:-click Here

Apply GPSSB Mukhya Sevika recruitment through online mode.

GPSSB Recruitment 2022 (Important link)

Before Applying For This Job, Please Download And Read Official Notification PDF From Below Table. You Can Apply For GPSSB Job From Below Link. Last Date For Apply Online Is 15-4-2022

Get all the information you need, instantly. Find business insights on salary, company size and job responsibilities. Safely apply to any position with your resume or professional profile acting as your application in a few taps, straight through the app.

Take your first step by searching for jobs, developing business contacts, connecting with recruiters, and applying for your next job with LinkedIn!

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Anubandham Rojgar Portal Gujrat Registration At

Anubandham Rojgar Portal Gujrat Registration At

Finding work has undeniably been a source of concern among our country’s citizens in recent years. Therefore, the Gujarat government has created a fantastic platform called Anubandham Rojgar Portal for the youth and working-class people. Currently, over 27,482 employers and 2,05,002 applicants have registered themselves on this platform, with over 33445 people getting posted at various jobs.

This site has been created specifically for job searchers by the Gujarat government’s labour and employment department. After registering themselves, this portal permits job seekers to search for jobs. Moving on, we have mentioned all the necessary information you will require for getting yourself registered and benefitting from this website

What is Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

Anubandham Rojgar Portal is an initiative taken by the government of Gujarat for Jobseekers. It works like a bridge and connects Job Applicants and Job Providers at one location. This portal provides jobs based on the applicant’s skills and preferences. Also, it performs automatic and skilled based matching, along with schedule management and quick registration.

Essential Elements and Steps of Anubandham Rojgar Portal

Now that you know what Anubandham Rojgar Portal is, let’s take a look at all of the portal’s essential information and processes.

Before you begin, review the following steps to have a better knowledge of the Anubandham website.

1. Navigate to the portal.

2. Sign up/registration

3. To get access to the site, enter your username and password.

4. Set/edit the job seeker’s profile.

5. Look for work.

6. Apply for work

7. Give Interview

8. Preference for the position.

9. Take part in the employment fair.

10. Change the password if necessary.

How to Register for the Anubandham portal?

In this section, we will go over the Anubandham Portal registration process. Follow these procedures to register for this job-search portal.

1. Visit the official website of Anubandham Portal There will be a “Registration” option at the top.

2. You will find the “Job Seeker” option by selecting the “Registration” tab.

3. Enter your mobile number and email address to access the “job seeker”.

4. To receive the urgent notification, you’ll need an email address.

5. Then a form will appear for inputting the mobile number.

6. Press the ‘next’ button. Afterwards, You will receive an OTP on the specified cell phone number.

7. Enter the OTP into the portal to receive the Common application form.

8. To move forward with the application, you will need to fill in the following information: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, City, Pincode, State and District.

9. After you’ve completed all of these steps, select the “Next” option.

10. The application titled ‘Registration’ will now display. Here you must provide a Unique ID Type, a Unique ID Number, Details for login and a Phone number.

11. You can do the registration via a phone number or even with an email address also.

12. After that, establish a strong password and double-check it.

13. Then press the ‘Submit’ button. Your registration will end successfully after that

How to Edit Candidate Profile on

Follow the given steps to edit your profile on

1. When you’re ready to make changes to your profile, select the option “edit.” The profile will open up right in front of you.

2. Now, you will need to fill in some information out of which some will be auto-filled including, your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, email address, Unique ID type and Unique ID number. You will need to add the following slots manually: your photograph, gender, date of birth, cast, employment status and language skills.

3. The address is already present in the address bar of the application form; you will have to fill in the city, pin code, town/village, state and district.

4. The specifics of your educational qualifications are the next crucial stage. All educational data, including training or any diplomas, must be included in this form. The most recent academic achievement,  Subject-matter expertise, diploma or other credentials,  board /university,  grade/marks, Passing year, the title of the course and name of the achievement.

5. Select the “Next” option. It’s now your time to complete the applicant’s employment status. If they are currently employed, it should also be noted here, along with specifics.

6. On this page, you must describe your current job, the industry in which you work, the application area, the employer’s name, the job classification, the company or organization’s name. You also need to include the date of enrollment, your current job role and workplace location, your current salary, and your motivation for quitting your job.

7. The next step will be measuring the physical aspects of the candidate, including their height, weight, disability, if yes, then provide a certificate, quantity of the certificate and the authority by which they got approved.

8. You’ve reached the last phase of the registration process, which covers your preferred work location, job kind, and projected pay.

Procedure for Logging Into Anubandham Portal

Let’s now look at how to log into the Gujarat Anubandham Job Seeker Portal through the internet, as seen below.

1. Visit the Anubandham Portal’s official

2. On the home page, you will see the login option in the top right corner.

3. Now, fill in the email address or phone number and password on the home page.

4. Input the Captcha Code and press the Sign In button.

FAQs About Anubandham Rojgar Portal

Is it possible for job candidates to modify their profiles on the Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

Yes, an online applicant can make changes in their profile through the Anubandham Rojgar Yojna.

Is the Anubandham site accessible through the Google search engine?

Yes, you can open and register yourself on the Anubandham portal on google.

Is the Anubandham site truly beneficial to Gujarat job seekers?

Anubandham Portal has proven beneficial to Gujarati job seekers. You can acquire a job using this site if you look for a suitable position and perform well in interviews. In fact, Anubandham has employed about 33,445 people so far.


The Gujarat government has taken this fantastic effort to boost employment across the state. It is advisable for all job seekers to go and register themselves on Anubandham Rojgar Portal.

Important details of Anubandham Portal

Download Anubandham (GOG) Job Application
Anubandham Registration On WebPortal
Anubandham Login On Web Portal

1. Official

2. Employment cell number: 63-57-390-390

3. Employment cell address: Block No.1, 3rd Floor, Dr Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382010

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Discovery+: TV Shows, Shorts, Fun Learning

Discovery+: TV Shows, Shorts, Fun Learning

New Release: discovery+ Original – Neeraj Pandey’s Secrets of Sinauli: Discovery of the Century, featuring Manoj Bajpayee as host.

discovery+ is a video streaming app with TV shows (full episodes & short videos), never seen before exclusive specials, award winning documentaries and thousands of short videos.

Install the app and be instantly transported to an interesting world filled with Science, Adventure, Nature, Space, Wildlife, Indian Military, Auto, Food and Lifestyle.

Big screen experience via Fire TV app, Android TV and Chromecast.

With thousands of TV shows, never seen before app exclusives, youngster friendly educative shows, and informative short videos that are available in many Indian languages. This is an app that the whole family can enjoy.

TV Shows & Exclusives:
You can watch your favourite shows like Man vs Wild, Wild Karnataka, Food Factory, Expedition Unknown, Gold Rush, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen, American Chopper, NASA’s Explained Files, Fast N’ Loud, Into The Wild, A Haunting and many more, anytime on the app.

Short videos:
Watch thousands of science and technology clips, animal videos, food and DIY clips & share them on WhatsApp with one-click or choose to watch the full episode.


A youngster friendly fun learning section with educative videos and playlists
Curated entertaining playlists for science, nature and wildlife videos, suitable for 8 to 14-year-old young adults.

All-In-One App | Audio Available in 7 languages: Watch all your favourite shows from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, BBC Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Investigation Discovery in your preferred language (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam).

Premium subscribers can also enjoy exclusive BBC shows like Planet Earth, The Hunt, Special Forces, Joanna Lumley’s India, Museum Secrets, Top Gear and many more.

With this app:

• Stream unlimited TV shows and documentaries in HD quality
• Discover more than 4,000 hours of infotainment and lifestyle content, with new shows being added regularly
• Enjoy a safe learning experience
• Get unlimited entertainment on up to two devices at once
• Share what you love with your friends, with a single click WhatsApp button
• Enjoy your favourite TV shows in your preferred language with 8 languages audio option
• Create your personal ‘Watchlist’ list and easily access your collection
• Use voice search to look up your favourite shows and superstars
• Watch full TV shows, documentaries and short videos for free
• Use Chromecast to enjoy the videos on big screen
• All Access: Child Lock feature to access 18+ shows like Naked and Afraid, Love Island, Love at first Swipe
• Upgrade to enjoy premium shows (without ads) at a very affordable price of Rs.299 per year (less than Re.1 per day)

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Instagram:
Subscribe to videos on YouTube:

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GPSSB Staff Nurse Merit List | Answer Key | OMR Sheet 2022 |

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 | : GPSSB Staff Nurse answer key | Gpssb answer key Staff nurse | Staff Nurse Paper Solution 2022| GPSSB13rd March Answer Key 2022| GPSSB Staff Nurse Result 2022

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 |

GPSSB OJAS Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022

Gujarat Panchayat Service Selection Board, GPSSB is ready to publish  GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022  on its official website at and The Gujarat Staff Nurse Written Exam has been conducted on 13-03-2022 at various exam centers  in different districts of Gujarat. The candidates who were registered for Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam 2022, have appeared in GPSSB Staff Nurse Exam 2022. The Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board  is going to release Shortly GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 Very Soon.

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 |

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 

The candidates who wish to check all questions & answers in their Exam Paper, are required to download GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 . The GPSSB will declare Provisional Answer Sheet for  Staff Nurse within one week of completion of exam. The candidates will be able to download  GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022  Set wise Paper Solution after it is published by official authorities on its portal at The relevant aspirants do not need to provide any personal details to download GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 PDF

Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board will be is released soon Staff Nurse Exam Answer key on official website Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board has taken examination of  Staff Nurse on13th March 2022 across Gujarat and as per the report thousands of candidate who are looking for government job has applied for the GPSSB Staff Nurse Recruitment 2021.As of now examination successfully over and candidates are looking forward for paper solution of the examination. but job aspirants have to wait for some time as Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB) will take some time for releasing official  GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022.

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 

GPSSB is a recruitment arm of Government of Gujarat, on time to time they are coming up with various recruitments on the need of various government departments. For the same currently board has released recruitment notification of  Staff Nurse Posts. As per the news, thousands of candidates have applied for the government post. Examination is successfully over and candidates are GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 | Paper Solution

Candidates are advised to use official paper solution only as this will give you complete glimpse and helps to determine, whether you will be able to clear the examination or not. It is very important documents to measure success ratio of the student as candidate can check what are the question which is attempted wrong and what are the question are right. On the basis of this one can masseur the success ratio and can determine whether to prepare for the personal interview or try for other recruitment.

GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022  Download GPSSB Paper Solutions 2022

The  GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 is very useful. Because with help of Answer Key, the candidates can check and verify their individual answers. The Staff Nurse Answer Key also helps the candidates to get prediction of their Result Marks. Though the Assumed Marks are not accurate but it is helpful. The candidates are advised to visit the official website at  time to time to know update news on  GPSSB Staff Nurse  Answer Key 2022

Gujarat Staff Nurse Exam Answer key 2022

The  GPSSB Staff Nurse Advertisement was issued by Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board  of Gujarat State in earlier time on its official website at  Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board  .Gujarat Staff Nurse Answer Key 2022 Written Exam Paper Solution is published Soon Some Coaching Class.

Gujarat Staff Nurse Provisional Answer Key 2022  Download GPSSB Staff Nurse Final Answer key 2022

Initially the Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board will publish Provisional Answer Key for  Staff Nurse Exam 2012. The relevant candidates should download the Answer Sheet and check it out. If there is any mistake in Official Answer Key, the candidates can also file objection(s) against it. After two to three months of Exam, the  GPSSB  will declare GPSSB Staff Nurse Final Answer Key 2022 on its official portal at

Quick Highlight of GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer key 2022

Name of the recruiter: Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board

Name of the examination: Staff Nurse

Official Website :

ADVT. No. 2/2021-22

Selection procedure: written examination and personal interview

Written examination: 13-03-2022

Awaiting for: answer key, result

How to Download GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer key 2022

  • Log on to official website at
  • Find out  GPSSB Staff Nurse  Answer key 2022
  • Click on the Answer Sheet Key link to proceed.
  • Download the Answer Key for  as PDF file.
  • Open the Answer Sheet file and go through all questions and answers.
  • Match your answers with Official Answer Key to know whether your answers are correct or not.
  • Take printout of  GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer key 2022 for record and more use.

Important Links for GPSSB Staff Nurse Answer key 2022

Final Answer Key

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Image Resizer to resize photo, batch resize, downsize photo, adjust photo size.

Resize photo size in a fast and easy way.

The easy-to-use image resizer app helps you quickly downsize photo size or resize photo resolution. It can be used for text messages, e-mails, Instagram, Facebook, web forms, etc to adjust photo size. 

If you want to resize photos quickly, Photo & Picture Resizer is a perfect choice. Photo resizer allows you to easily reduce image size without losing quality. You don’t have to manually save resized pictures, because they are automatically saved in a separate folder titled ’Pictures/PhotoResizer'.

Image resizer for your Android device is a utility app that lets you downsize photos by selecting the right resolution. Photo resizer is an app designed to help you resize images quickly and easily. Image resizer performs one simple task like resizing the image in a fast and easy-to-use way. This image resizer maintains the picture aspect ratio by providing a resolution list based on camera resolution. Photo resizer helps you resize photos before posting them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc.

When you send the e-mail with the attached pictures, you will often find that the e-mail exceeds the message size limit. For example, if your email account allows you to send messages up to 5 megabytes (MB) and you include just two pictures in the attachment (today’s pictures taken by a phone or tablet camera are about 5 MB), you will probably exceed the maximum message size. In this case, this image resizer app is very helpful, because it helps to avoid exceeding the maximum message size limits associated with most email accounts. Downsize photos before composing the e-mail and then attach much smaller pictures.

Image resizer Features:

* Batch resize (multiple photos resize)

* Original pictures are not affected

* Resized pictures are automatically saved in the output folder

* Very good quality of the resized photos

* Photos resized several times do not lose quality

* Browsing photos by gestures

* Reducing photo size preserves original quality and aspect ratio

* Very good compression result (4MB picture is shrunk to approx. ~400 KB - for resolution 800x600)

* Adjust resolution to 1920x1080, 2048x1152 (2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall) or custom

* Adjust aspect ratio to 2x3, 16x9, or custom

* Downsize photo for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, printing

* Adjust photo size

* Scale image size

* Enlarge photo

* YouTube banner maker 2048x1152

* Resize photo to KB, MB

The photo size editor can easily be:

* Sent via email or text message

* Shared to social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Discord, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc.)

Having a high definition camera on your phone with thousands of megapixels per inch is great, but if you can't send your pictures to your friends, you might as well throw your phone and charger in the snail mailbox and ship it off to your friend, right? Never again! Our photo resizer will solve your issues and downsize photos!

Users love this image resizer app!

This is the best image resizer for you.

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Monday, 16 May 2022

Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

I shudder at the thought of how an employee will be able to make a living at Rs 2,000 a month under the new enhanced pension scheme.  The ugly future looks like a retired police constable will be standing outside a wealthy businessman's bungalow as a security guard.  A retired teacher may be doing the housework herself or doing the work of a nanny.  A retired clerk of a Mamlatdar's office will be a salesman of a cloth shop.  The lucky one will get all this, the big question is who will give the job after the remaining 58 years !!!


What can an employee save if they talk about today's research?  Maybe if he saves, what interest does he get in the bank?  5 percent annually.  BP tablets are available in the market today for Rs.  One person puts a hundred rupees in the bank today.  Suppose that in ten years the rupee doubles and in 2031 it becomes two hundred rupees.  Now E.S.  What will be the price of BP pill in 2031?  Will the buses cost Rs.  Inflation has the wheels of a Ferrari and our savings are the wheels of a bicycle.  This means that you will have as many savings as you like, but only if their speed is higher than inflation, those savings will come in handy in old age!


, the fee for doing MBA in a private college in our country is Rs. 31 lakhs.  A normal two BHK flat costs Rs 45 lakh.  Even if the employee does only one of these two jobs, all his savings will be wasted from the mountain.  The implication is that you have to become a laborer once more to make a living in the past!  We have to consider "happiness" in what we get by being helpless.

An employee who has served the state and has to enjoy such "happiness" is considered a failure of the state.  The price of lifelong loyalty cannot be helplessness.  If you want to see an example of excellent employee service in the job, look at "Google".  Google pays a lifetime pension to the family of an employee who has been with the company for one year or twenty years.  The company believes that it is the responsibility of the entire family, not just the employee, after the employee joins the company.  If we leave our employee's family unattended, our company is in trouble, it is a disgrace on the head of our company ..... and that is why such companies are spread all over the world.

Nowadays, with even regional American law firms eagerly expanding overseas, young lawyers seeking to experience life and work abroad wouldn't appear to be short of options.

That wasn't the case two or three decades ago. Back then, only a handful of firms were truly international, and foreign governments often had scant idea what to do about would-be U.S. expatriate lawyers wanting to practice in their countries. Many would have found it easier to simply stay home.

But a few persevered and managed to build long, rewarding careers in foreign countries. The ABA Journal recently caught up with four American lawyers who have each spent more than 20 years living and working abroad.

The three men and one woman all had a strong cultural interest in the countries in which they ultimately chose to settle—an interest that in some cases preceded their choice to become lawyers. In their current roles, all see themselves acting as cultural bridges, whether advising a multinational entering the Korean market, an American couple trying to retire to a beach house in Mexico or a Chinese state-owned company trying to tap Wall Street capital for the first time.

One might suspect they would have made more money if they had stayed and practiced in the States. But none have serious regrets. All are particularly proud at having raised fully bilingual and international-minded children while living abroad.

Most do suspect things may be tougher for those hoping to follow in their footsteps, though. While the volume of cross-border work has exploded, so have the number of lawyers native to foreign lands who speak perfectly fluent English and likely studied or worked in the U.S. Increasingly, these are the lawyers—not expats—who are leading major firms’ practices abroad.

Which means that 20 years from now, finding four lawyers like these could be harder still.

palm tree on the beach


Having started her legal career in Colorado ski country near the resorts of Vail and Breckenridge, Janet Folsom had an idea: There seemed to be a fair number of wealthy Latin Americans buying vacation properties in the area. If she could just brush up on her Spanish, Folsom figured she’d have an edge in winning this new group of clients.

So she headed off to Mexico for what she thought would be a few months of language study in San Miguel de Allende before returning to Colorado. That was 1992.

She never went back. She fell in love with the people and the culture. But she also sensed there was a business opportunity. Finding out she was a lawyer, American retirees and other expats would often ask her for advice on some aspect of their situations. So instead of becoming a lawyer catering to Spanish speakers in the U.S., Folsom decided to become one who could help English speakers in Mexico.

Initially setting up shop in San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico, she began advising American retirees on their taxes and estate planning. Folsom moved to Cancun in 2003, where her practice shifted toward helping foreigners buy property. That’s still mostly what she does today. Her firm generally has one or two Mexican lawyers working with her and has an office in Playa del Carmen in addition to Cancun.

Many more Americans are moving to Mexico because their retirement dollars go further south of the border. The U.S. State Department estimates there are now 1 million Americans living there. Cancun is one of the most popular destinations for retirees.

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