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Friday, 1 October 2021

Never make this mistake while charging your smartphone, otherwise your mobile may get cracked

Never make this mistake while charging your smartphone, otherwise your mobile may get cracked.

Never make this mistake while charging your smartphone otherwise your mobile may be torn

 Smartphones have become an important part of our lives, we spend time with smartphones in one form or another, in which case the battery of the smartphone is playing a very important role.  But some people charge the smartphone incorrectly, which causes a lot of damage to the battery.  These things should be kept in mind while charging the battery.

 Do not charge the phone all night.

 People have a habit of giving up on charging the whole phone.  But they do not know the danger behind it.  Leaving the phone on overnight while charging can cause the battery to over-charge.  Also, affects the phone's system.

 Do not use a fake charger. 

  Companies make special chargers for each phone.  It is always seen like that.  But people charge the phone with any charger instead of its original charger.  And be careful if you do this.  Because it damages both your battery and your phone.


 Remove the cover and charge the phone. 

  If the phone is expensive then its protection will also be strong.  And should be.  But a lot of people keep the phone on charge with the cover.  Battery heating can be a problem if you also charge the phone in this way.  And if you do not remove it from the charge in time.  The battery can also rupture.  When charging the phone, keep in mind to remove the cover of your phone.

 Do not use the phone while charging from the power bank. 

 Due to the short time people use the power bank to charge the phone and people continue to use the phone even while charging.  The performance of this smartphone simultaneously damages the battery display.  If you do, change your habit immediately.

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