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Thursday, 7 October 2021


  • This app provides a collection of Navratri Shayari related status.
  • It's a really fabulous app.

In this app you are given the auspicious time of Navratri 2020 Pujan with Mata Durga Katha-Aarti and Mata Durga Chalisa Mantra, Navratri 2020 Shayari status. You can use this application as online as well as offline.

Hindi and easily set as your WhatsApp status or FB status.

Navratri is the most enjoyable festival celebrated in India. In this festival, people worship nine different forms of Goddess Durga, symbolizing purity, power and divinity. The word ‘Navratri’ means ‘nine nights’. Up to nine nights and ten days. It is the longest Hindu festival of the year

  • Navratri video mode is required for all social platforms in Hindi, Gujarati and all languages.
  • Swipe up and down to read the best live Navratri mode, very easy to use interface
PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana 

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi is an activity of the Legislature of India where all ranchers will get a base pay of Rs 6,000 for each annum. The activity was declared by Piyush Goyal during India's Worldwide Association Financial plan on February 1, 2019. The plan will cost ₹ 75,000 crore every year and will be actualized from December 2018

The accompanying classes of beneificiaries of higher financial status will not be elligible for advantage under the plan.

1 All Institutional Land holders.

2 Rancher families which have a place with at least one of the accompanying classes:.

I) Previous and present holders of sacred posts

ii) Previous and present Pastors/State Priests and previous/present Individuals from LokSabha/RajyaSabha/State Authoritative Gatherings/State Administrative Councils,former and present Civic chairmen of City Enterprises, previous and present Administrators of Locale Panchayats.

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Key Features :time.sharing

જિજ્ઞેશ કવિરાજ લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ સાતમું નોરતુ

લલીતા ઘોડાદ્રા-આસેફ જેરીયા લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ સાતમું નોરતુ

ગીતા રબારી લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ સાતમું નોરતુ

પુનમ ગોંડલીયા લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ સાતમું નોરતુ

કિંજલ દવે લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ સાતમું નોરતુ

- It Automatically maintains your Recently Played songs..
ગીતા રબારી લાઇવ નવરાત્રી છઠ્ઠું નોરતુ
  1. જિજ્ઞેશ કવિરાજ લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ પાચમું નોરતુ
  2. લલીતા ઘોડાદ્રા-આસેફ જેરીયા લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ પાચમું નોરતુ
  3. ગીતા રબારી લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ પાચમું નોરતુ
  4. પુનમ ગોંડલીયા લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ પાચમું નોરતુ
  5. કિંજલ દવે લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ પાચમું નોરતુ
લલીતા ઘોડાદ્રા   લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ ચોથું નોરતુ
જિજ્ઞેશ કવિરાજ   લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ ચોથું નોરતુ
કાજલ મહેરીયા  લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ ચોથું નોરતુ 

પુનમ ગોંડલીયા  લાઇવ ગરબા ૨૦૨૧ ચોથું નોરતુ

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Features of Navratri Shayari and Status Hindi

  • Very easy to use
  • Ice nice and sleek design
  • Merry Navratri Status and Shayari in Hindi in Original Hindi Fonts
  • Nav Navratri Shayari and easy to share status
  • Add to Favorite Favorites list.
  • App Within this app you will find the best Navratri Shayari and Status
  • Various Collection of different modes

You must share a unique collection of best merry navratri greetings, shayari and status hindi from us, you must share it with your friends.

In short this is a one stop app for Navratri in the market, just download the app and enjoy.


  • H Very high quality sound
  • 2000 Garba songs from 2000+.
  • 1 1 hour + non-stop garba with playtime.
  • Add Favorite Favorite Option
  • Arb garba songs
  • ♥ New garba is added every day.
  • The latest singers are added every day.
  • ♥ Special Disco Dandiya and Bollywood Garba.
  • ♥ Spikel guitar garba.
  • Application This application also includes Sanado.
  • This is the pride of many singers in this app.
  • This app contains many categories of garba.
  • ♥ Beautiful looks and experiences.
  • All inbuilt video player with all features.
  • G Share Garba with your friends.
  • Aster fast loading.
  • It saves your battery and data.





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