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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

The government will provide assistance of Rs 48,000 for the purchase of electric rickshaw

The government will provide assistance of Rs 48,000 for the purchase of electric rickshaw

The government will provide assistance of Rs 48,000 for the purchase of electric rickshaw

Electric Rickshaw
Electric Rickshaw

This department is functioning as per the Gazette No. (1) taken to satisfy the challenges of global climate change within the state. This department carries out various activities associated with global climate change Mitigation. As well as global climate change Adaptation. so as to scale back pollution within the cities and make battery operated vehicles like electric bike, electric rickshaw are popular among the people, through this department. From the list of this department taken within the above reading from the year 2016-17. The list of this department within the major cities of the state Ahmedabad, Vadodara. As well as Surat, Rajkot and Gandhinagar.

Introduction of Electric Rickshaw Plan

The plan was to supply assistance of Rs. 30,000 for vehicles (electric rickshaw). From the revised list of this section of No. (2) taken within the reading, Rs. 30,000 for three-wheeled vehicles with lead acid batteries and lithium ion ( Rs.30,000 assistance for lithium lon battery. The scheme was implementing everywhere Gujarat to incorporate individual beneficiaries also as institutional beneficiaries. Under this scheme, assistance was provided for the primary battery operated three-wheeled vehicles, electric rickshaw powered by lead acid batteries.

Electric Rickshaw
Electric Rickshaw

Regarding the utilization of lithium ion batteries in situ of lead acid batteries and therefore the earlier fixed Rs. The matter of accelerating the financial assistance to Rs 50,000 per vehicle like electric rickshaw was into account of the govt .


Under the scheme of subsidy for battery powered three-wheelers like electric rickshaw for the aim of reducing carbon footprint under the activity of global climate change mitigation within the state. to supply subsidy (assistance) for the acquisition of operated three-wheelers like electric rickshaw at the speed of Rs. 5,000 per vehicle from the year 2020-21. Therefore the adult consideration is finally decide. 

The scheme are going to be implemented across the state by the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) under the implementation department. 

Expenditure incurred under this sanction shall be subject to the budgetary provision of that year and within the bounds of the grant allotted from time to time by the Finance Department.

Expenditure during this regard shall making within the prescribed manner in accordance. With the provisions of the State Government’s standing also as from time to time applicable resolutions. As well as circulars and rules. The remaining amount will need to be surrendered by the top of the year.

The conditions prescribed under the scheme must be strictly follow by beneficiaries. If changes are making within the norms of the prevailing scheme. As well as therefore the amount of assistance, orders of the government shall be obtained during this regard.

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If the bottom seeding of the beneficiaries under this scheme is required, action will need to be taken accordingly. As well as therefore the subsidy to tend to the beneficiaries by the government. Under the scheme are going to be Rs. Direct Benefit Transfer to be credited into the bank accounts of 2000 beneficiaries. 

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