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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021 : Full Screen Ganesha Video Maker 2021 helps you to create beautiful Ganesh chaturthi 2021 wishes videos for your loving family, friends and relatives from photos and relevant music with amazing video themes.

You can create Fullscreen Ganesha Video Maker 2021 more elegant with ganesha themes, Relevant Music and sound. Easiest way to create, edit and share amazing photo music videos, slideshow and stories with your photos, videos and free music with latest added features and load ganesha theme. Send created ganesh videos for ganesh chaturthi spacial wishes to our family, friends and relatives.

Never miss special ganesh chaturthi moments and clicks of ganesh chaturthi celebration and create video easily with few steps with help of Ganesha Video Maker With Music 2021 application.

How To Use Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021?

Ganesh Ringtones App contains Mantra, Aarti, Bhajan Ringtones of Lord Ganesha.

GANESHA เชฐિંเช—เชŸોเชจ เชเชช 1

GANESHA เชฐિંเช—เชŸોเชจ เชเชช 2

GANESHA เชฐિંเช—เชŸોเชจ เชเชช 3

• Take multiple photos from Gallery.
• Rearrange your selected photos to make amazing photo slideshow effect.
• Select photo slideshow animation theme effect to improve video effect.

This festival lasts for 10 days which ends on the day of Anant Chaturthi.

The moon is specially worshiped on Karva Choth. Women break their fast by looking at the moon through a sieve. Every year women follow this tradition. But you may need to think about why the fast is broken by looking at the moon in the fourth chow. There is a special significance behind this. 

There is a legend behind watching the election on the evening of Karva Choth. The story of a lender has been around since ancient times. The wife of the lender kept the fourth vow of Karva for the longevity of her husband. But his health began to decline due to hunger. The lender had seven sons. The lender's sons asked the sister to eat, but the lender's daughter refused to eat. Then his health began to decline.

The brothers could not see the sister's condition. They then showed the false moon to the sister by placing a lamp behind a sieve in a tree bar just before the moon rose. The sister opened the fast believing it to be true. Her husband died after breaking the fast. It is said that her husband died because of breaking the fast without seeing the real moon.

Just after that, the tradition of breaking the fast of Choth to see one's husband started only after seeing the moon with a sieve in hand. So that no one can break the fast by deception.

• Add Your favourite song, ganesha Theme (Fullscreen Frame) as video overlays.

• Set Time For photo Slideshow : 1sec, 2sec, 5sec, 10 sec etc.
• Save & share your videos.
• Created Video Share to your friends for best wishes!

App Features :

• HD Graphics and Best different slideshow animation Effect.
• Set amazing theme on photo slideshow (Video).
• Set Your Favourite latest Music.
• Set the speed of the photo slideshow as fast/slow as you choice.
• Creation Folders : Get your created video from creation video folder.
• Share to social Media : Created video instantly share to do ganesh chaturthi wishes your family, friends and relatives

• If you find anything wrong or any copyright things then mail us. We would love to hear everyone.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Video Maker 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi Photo Frames 2021

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