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Friday, 30 October 2020

Hide photos and videos - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2020

Hide photos and videos - Calculator vault APK Free Download 2020

About this Application:

Cover up photographs, conceal recordings, display vault effectively and safely

Mini-computer vault is an extraordinary security insurance application to effectively cover up photographs and recordings you don't need others to see on your Android gadget.

Stow away photographs and recordings - adding machine vault keep your photographs/recordings sheltered and private with photograph and video storage.

Cover up photographs and recordings application with the adding machine application symbol and protect your security. You can import your private pictures and recordings into this protected archive and nobody realizes its reality with the exception of you.

Furthermore, cover up photographs and recordings are delightfully planned, it gives you the image display vault a smooth and awesome experience.

Remarkable highlights:

• Hide pictures and conceal recordings effectively

• Change symbol the application
• Video vault, photograph cover up, display vault and bring extraordinary experience for clients

• The application security framework is very secure, utilizing the secret phrase you made to get to the application

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