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Tuesday, 6 October 2020




GROUFor the above, it is not in the work under the service of the purpose to give an idea to the elementary teachers of school programs.  1.2 To give an idea of   the activities of other branches of the building;  Provide information on programs, activities and topics taught in all other branches of the organization.  Such as:

 (a) Service determination programs for elementary teachers.  

(B) Training programs for school education and adult education personnel.  (Or why locally useful text, teaching materials, teachin

g materials to avoid shortcomings. Evaluation from technology - Develop without testing equipment.  ), One thing is clear from

 this that these branches are interrelated and complementary to each other. Another thing is that there is a coherent process in the functions of these branches, from the third interaction to the PRU.  

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It is also considered that no field should be deprived with qualitative improvement in primary education. Now the functions and importance of each branch should be taken into consideration. Branch Functions:

  The work that is to be done by the buildings for the in-service teachers and for the school / adult education workers is also to be given to the teachers taking pre-training education. 

The experience of working in the extended fields of the buildings is to be given to these teachers.  Special attention needs to be paid to the teachers of this branch along with the subject knowledge of their subjects

  The importance of the work of each section of the buildings and the functions are to be informed.  So that it can be useful to the school as a future in-service teacher. 

 1.1 Serving as a Central Branch The professors working in this branch should get all the information from the trainees coming in the branch to what we will now call pre-service teachers, from admission to training, evaluation-testing.

  It is necessary to study the curriculum of this branch and the academic information of its subjects thoroughly as it is to be taught.  

1.2 Preparation of research and curriculum material: Student oriented education and personality development including value education and cultural education.  Conduct research work including preparation of appropriate meditation materials.  Training and propagating through extension work.  

1.2 Matters relating to teaching activity science: Teaching activities applied in various levels of teaching to use science, develop and provide guidance.  Different levels i.e. branch teachers.  

To give an idea of   the education, courses, teaching processes and activities used for school students, school subjects, children from disadvantaged groups, children with major disabilities and other minor disabilities, talented children etc.  (E) To conduct research tomorrow on how to improve the quality of education, not to make it an 'A' or 'V' of the deprived groups.

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